EDGE EXPERIENCE organizes innovation trips that highlight both the adventure and the experience.

One of our goals is to propel you out of your day-to-day life and prove that the unattainable is finally accessible. Our trips are designed to ensure peace of mind; stepping out of the daily grind should not rhyme with added stress.
Economy of sharing

Economy-based sharing creates an extraordinary experience for the traveler and allows the inhabitants to share their culture. We have our own address book of local collaborators who will guide you, provide shelter, wine and dine you. This spirit of sharing, in addition to reducing our consumption, strengthens the local economy and improves the quality of life on site, which allows the places you love to continue to be loved.


To live like the locals is what more and more travelers wish to do. We coordinate our projects with experts and local guides who love and have a deep knowledge of their region. Thus, authenticity is at the heart of your experience. This personal and convivial contact with the inhabitants will also allow you to discover their culture and traditions through their eyes.

Learn or improve your sport the right way

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in the sports that you enjoy with Edge Experience, our local experts will show you a thrilling and rewarding time. Professional and experienced, they will share their passion by offering you theoretical tips and allowing you to live incredible moments. Personal achievement, sense of pride and fun are guaranteed.

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About us

Are you more of a “forest” type? Perhaps it’s the ocean that makes you tick? The “southern heat”?…the “mountain air”? You are a thrill-seeker ready to meet any challenge or a peaceful soul looking to replenish and rejuvenate? With EDGE EXPERIENCE, no matter what you seek, you will find an expedition that will meet your expectations … and beyond!

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