About us

Who We Are

EDGE EXPERIENCE offers sporting trips, for amateurs or enthusiasts, to international destinations where the quality of comfort, services offered, food, sporting and cultural activities have been previously tested. The EDGE experience is very complete and offers you rich cultural encounters with the country’s inhabitants. We are committed to minimizing the ecological footprint that we leave, which is why many measures are being taken, from our office to the adventure.

The EDGE difference

A Memorebale Group-Living Experience

The approach favored by Edge Experience will allow you to practice your sport with a group that shares the same passion as you and connect with new people who will have an impact on your trip or even your life. The unforgettable moments spent in enchanting settings will thus also be punctuated by new encounters among adventure enthusiasts.

Social Involvement And Sustainable Tourism

Eager to become truly involved locally, we are committed to giving back to the population of each destination we visit. Whether supporting a foundation or helping the development of projects, we are committed to making a difference in the local communities that are dear to us. We invite you to consult the Involvement tab to learn more.

Safe Investment

Edge Experience is a registered travel agency. Therefore, the Consumer Protection Act protects your investment in the purchase of any travel with us.

Our Team

Carolann Paquette

Vice-president Marketing, co-founder, expedition coordinator

With her creative spirit, Carolann does not hesitate to take risks to achieve her dreams and live up to her ambitions. Devoted and attentive, she invests fully in projects that she is involved with. Seeking new experiences, her curiosity and openness allow her to discover some of life’s most beautiful secrets and always comes out stronger.

She is passionate and to her, quality time is spent around a good meal with a nice glass of wine. She knows how to put together a wonderful experience as that is where her passion lies.

  • Playing her favorite sport, volleyball, in Sweden, the country of her dreams.
  • Enjoying great surfing and the unique atmosphere of the Nicaragua beaches

Surf and Yoga in Nicaragua, surfing and paddle surfing in Guadeloupe, surfing in the US, diving and yoga in Bali, Mexico kite surfing, beach volleyball in Sweden

Chantal Roussel

Vice President, Business Development, Co-Founder, Expedition Coordinator

From the moment you meet her, you will feel the energy and generosity that emerges from this woman of adventure. For Chantal, every experience must be combined with a connection with the ‘’real-deal’’ and she knows what she is talking about! She jumps right in and meets people without prejudice, learns about their culture, tastes their cuisine, is moved by their stories, dances to their music, and plays with their children.

Chantal will coordinate each element of the expedtion so that you can live a sporting experience that will allow you to surpass yourself.

  • Eating, dancing, and chatting with the locals.
  • Meeting new people, opening up to others.

Climbing to the Everest base camp, walking on the Compostela pilgrimage route, surfing and paddle-surfing in Guadeloupe, surfing in the United States, diving and practicing yoga in Bali, kite surfing in Mexico, yoga and discovering Costa Rica

Nathalie Bergeron

Expedition coordinator & business development

With a vast experience and background in a luxury Hotel, Nathalie has outstanding skills in organisation and planning. Practical and realistic, with client satisfaction as her number one objective, Nathalie will create your perfect getaway, tailored to your needs.

Always positive with natural leadership, Nathalie is passionate about all outdoor activities. She will help you discover the hidden secrets of the Laurentians and how to live Tremblant differently.


  • Travelling and sharing vacation memories with friends.
  • Completing her first Olympic triathlon.

Eastern & Western Canada & United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, France, London, Germany and Switzerland.


JS L’Heureux

Kite surf guide

This modern-day nomad seeks strong winds, snowdrifts and white waters for thrills. Certified and experienced, this extreme-sports guide (mountain biking, kite surfing, surfing, backcountry skiing) makes his life a continual journey, which allows him to connect with nature and its innumerable beauties.

Patient, JS explains the theory simply and creates practical sessions focused on progress so that you have a very positive experience.

  • Being at the right place, at the right time.
  • Moving out west where he fell in love with the outdoors.

East and West Canada and the United States, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, Mexico

Iztok Sumatic

Guide in Croatia and Slovenia

Slovenian, he grew up on the perfect playground to indulge his passions: skateboarding and snowboarding. Now organizer and judge for high-level sporting events around the world, Iztok knows how to create epic moments.

Former snowboarder, this oh-so-friendly athlete will surely make you fall in love with the region that he holds dear.

  • Being a judge at the Sochi Winter Olympics
  • Swimming with white sharks in South Africa

South Africa, New Zealand, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, United States, Russia

Krystel Bourassa


Krystel Bourassa is an accredited kinesiologist and a “Université de Montréal” graduate. A health professional and a speaker, she works at Formesanté, a company that she founded in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts in the Laurentians. Passionate about sports and neuroscience, she is committed to bringing her clients to an optimal level of physical and cerebral health.

She created the Kinapse method, a training mode that increases both body and mind performance. She proposes NeuroKrono events that apply the principles of this method.

robert roy

Robert Roy


Robert Roy is a successful kinesiologist and one of only fifty certified Ironman coaches in Canada. Robert has all the knowledge and necessary experience to elevate your training and help you reach higher goals!

Owner of RobFit Mont-Tremblant, a sports conditionning facility, Robert is an accomplished athlete and has two decades of experience as a coach and personnal trainer. He brings an extraordinary skill set to his coached athletes providing a unique training environment that nurtures the beginner as well as the elite athlete.

  • IRONMAN University Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Owner of RobFit Mont-Tremblant
  • Ambassador and running coach for the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon for the past 8 years
  • F.M.S. certified (Functional Movement Screen)

From pumping weights on Venice Beach in sunny California, trail biking the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, scouring the Tetons in Wyoming, helicopter skiing in British Columbia and the Chic-Chocks in Gaspesie, to road biking on the busy streets of NY city, Robert’s passion for sports and adventure knows no bound.

He has traveled throughout North America as staff IRONMAN events, including the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Julie Thomas

Personal coach

Personal coach for almost 10 years, Julie is passionate, attentive and loves to transmit her passion for physical activity. She has wide ranging personal training background including running clinics, addressing mobility issues with athletes of all ages and is the founder of Tune Up Fitness.

  • Julie completed the Ironman 70.3 in Mont Tremblant in 2016 and will compete in 2 Ironman 70.3 events in 2017

South Africa, New Zealand, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, United States, Russia

Christine Laverdure

Yoga teacher

A Yoga passionate, CPA accountant and mother of two young children, Christine finds her balance with yoga which she practices and loves to share through teaching. Yoga brings her well-being and great inner peace. She thrives to make her students shine and is really focused on their well-being.

Christine has been practising yoga since 2003. Initially fascinated by the transforming power of this new lifestyle, she manages her College’s finals anxiety with this new discipline that will become fundamental in her life.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

  • Spending one year learning yoga with her teacher and mentor Sylvie Tremblay, Founder and Director of the Yoga Sangha Center.
  • Hiking with her family, being amazed looking at her little ones growing up and discovering their strengths.

Hawaii , Bali, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Spain , Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico.